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Be a volunteer

Over the years, volunteers have come to share their talents, skills and their passion for helping others in the name of Jesus Christ. We appreciate those who are willing and able to invest their time, effort and heart into helping improve the lives of our children. The ministries of Faithful Heart are not supported by any large mission-sending organization. We have no operational or logistical support other than volunteers who are willing to match their skills and abilities with our ministry needs.

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What can volunteers do?

Volunteers can serve in a number of important ways!

Construction/remodeling: Building, repairing, painting

Water filtration systems: Installing, repairing

Agriculture: Rice, tea, coffee, various

Media: Photography and Videography (Must have your own equipment.)

IT: Computer networking and set up, general repair and maintenance

Small groups have been successful in doing multi-day special activities like sports camps, English language camp, VBS type programs, etc. But these must coincide with school break. Please contact us to find out the best time to come.

We don’t usually accept volunteers who would like to come “work with the children”. Language is the primary challenge.

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