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Special Need: Urgent help sought

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One of our core values is to develop a “self-help” mindset within each orphan home . Toward that end, we have been growing and selling rice, on a small scale, for the past five (5) years.


Our rice project has been successful: we harvest enough rice to feed all of our families, and sell the remainder. We’ve been blessed to build up a customer base which includes several well-known local restaurants and a large school. But each year we turn away customers when our harvested supply is exhausted.


Thus far, we’ve only rented about 4-5 acres of paddy land for our rice farming. Now we hope to rent a second large section of paddy land. If we take this step, it would increase our planting to about 10 acres, and nearly double the size of our rice crop.


However, we cannot take this big step unless we can finally purchase a tractor to keep up with the heavy workload. We have opened a special account to request donations for the  purchase of a mid-sized farming tractor with attachments.


The cost is about $23,500 US.  The need is current :JULY/AUGUST 2014


Please consider whether you or your church/group could help us reach the goal, buy a tractor, and take another step toward helping our families to help themselves.