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Callahan Corner (Sunday March 23, 2014)

Hello dear friends,


This week we can go back to catch a few photos from earlier in March.


We’ve had trouble with ducks invading our rice paddy. They are a pest because wherever they parade, they destroy the tender young rice shoots.

2014-02-26 14.04.24

This part of our paddy should be thick with rice, but much of it has already been trampled down.

2014-02-26 14.04.47


Back at the home, things are going well with Home of Comfort’s chicken…flock? Herd? Covey?  Not sure what to call a bunch of chickens, but they’re healthy and growing.

2014-02-27 07.43.53


Two boys from Home of Comfort graduated at school and will move on into high school—here Paul and Nathan happily form a heart around their favorite teacher.

2014-02-21 11.28.57


I’ve been working on our annual photo-report magazine for 2013. We create two versions, one in Thai for the government, and an English version for our sponsors. Here housemother Nid, from Home of Promise, is trying to do some of the translation work at my messy desk.



This past week we’ve been making “collection Boxes”—we buy clear plastic boxes, then cover them with photos of our children and info about our foundation. We hope to place about a dozen boxes in local restaurants and shops. Here Gawley is helping Shirley & I cut & attach photos printed on sticker-paper.





Please remember to pray for all the children:

From mid-March through May the children are out of school, and many will go to visit their relatives in mountain villages.

Pray that the children will be safe while in the villages and not come under any harmful influences or be exposed to any dangers.


“But he who listens to me will live free from danger, and he will rest easy from the fear of what is sinful.” Proverbs 1:33 NLT


Grace and Peace to you in Christ,

Dave & Shirley Callahan

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