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Callahan Corner: May 20, 2017

Hello dear friends,

Shirley left Chiangmai late Wednesday evening in Thailand, and should reach South Carolina by Thursday afternoon in the US (about 26 hours of travel). I’m staying here in Thailand until July, then I plan to join her in the US for a couple months. We just can’t get by without her for long, but Shirley says we can stay in touch with Facebook®, emails, and video-calls. We’ve not been apart for this long before, so please pray that we both get along well on our own. “So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself…” (Eph 5:28 NLT)

It’s now the start of “Rainy season” in northern Thailand — it has rained hard for several days, and there is some flooding, but between the showers it is a beautiful time. “Praise God forever and ever, because he has wisdom and power. He changes the times and seasons of the year.” (Dan 2:20-21 NCV)Office panorama 5-2017 small

Before Shirley left, we had the parents of one of our college dorm students visit us. Pring, is standing between her mother, and “Aunt” Shirley, while her father is beside me. We’re wearing traditional tribal clothes that they brought as a gifts. “Accept the gifts I have brought for you. God has been good to me and I have more than enough.” (Gen 33:11 The Message)CIMG4001

We hosted six young ladies, members of a group involved in “World Race”—an extended mission trip through many nations. Chiangmai is one of their stops and they spent time with our college students and visited a couple of our family homes. “We’re being shown how to turn our backs on a godless, indulgent life, and how to take on a God-filled, God-honoring life.” (Titus 2:12 The Message)CIMG3981 rev

We’ve recently had animal & insect visitors too. This little stray cat has become our friend, but this large black scorpion is NOT WELCOME. “Share your belongings with your needy fellow Christians, and open your homes to strangers.” (Rom 12:13 Good News translation)Visitors

Finally, here are a couple photos taken when our social worker brought the two girls back from the mountain village. On the left is their grandmother—they actually stay with her in the village because the mother is off working in the fields. On the right the girls flank their mother as they were about to get in the truck for the long ride back down into town. Thanks to all of you who prayed for these innocent girls. “Religion that God the Father accepts as pure and without fault is this: caring for orphans or widows who need help,” (James 1:27 NCV)S&L in village

We believe that God’s people prayed fervently, and God changed their mother’s mind. Please keep praying for her soul.
“He knows all our thoughts and desires. If you go to him, he will accept you” (1 Chron 28:9)

May God bless you and fill you with the fruit if His Spirit,

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