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Callahan Corner : June 29, 2014

Hello dear friends,

Who coined the phrase, “The lazy days of summer”???

Summer months here in Thailand are busy times filled with work. Today we’ll share about some important activities this past week.

This photo shows Gawley working at our rented rice-paddy & Moringa-Orchard land. He’s already spent several days getting our orchard started, and we still have many dozens of tea-trees to plant.


Adjan Yae, the house father at Home of Comfort, sat down to rest a minute after transplanting another of our moringa trees. The heat & humidity make all of our “outdoor work” even more difficult.


Meanwhile, at our rice-paddy land, the house fathers constructed a temporary bridge across one of the irrigation canals.


We had to build the “bamboo bridge” before we could carry rice-seed trays into the prepared rice-paddy. (L-R: Prajuab, Tom, Gawley, and Mong) Here the men take a short break during the all-day project.

“Do not be lazy but always work hard. Work for the Lord with a heart full of love for Him.” (Romans 12:11 NLV)


The older boys took a moment to celebrate after getting all of the seed-trays placed into the rice-paddy. Now we’ll wait until the rice spouts and reaches 8”-10” tall, then we will replant the individual shoots into the larger paddy. Click here to see young men helping.

Click here to see how the seeds are placed into the trays: planting in trays.


Summer heat brings thunderstorms. We have several banana trees in our compound, and our college dorm students had been waiting for theses to get ripe, but a storm knocked this bunch onto the ground.


A mission-team from Oklahoma Baptist University spent a day helping us with several small (but important) projects: here some team members joined Shirley & Tom as they were transplanting tiny “Moringa tree” sprouts into larger pots. Hot work!


Shirley encouraged the team to get hands-on experience with the tedious work of “Tea leaf sorting”…removing all the twigs & stems. The dried tea-leaves will be coarse ground and hand-packed into tea bags. If you want to see more about the project, take a look here:  flickr.com/photos/callahancorner


Please remember to pray for the orphans, and their house parents—they all face many challenges.

“Dear friends, if God loved us that much, then we should love each other.” (1 John 4:11 NLV)

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Grace and peace to you in Christ,