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Callahan Corner: Feb 18, 2018

Hello dear friends,

On March 8th 2018 our foundation will mark it’s 10th anniversary of orphan ministry in Thailand. What a blessing to serve God in this way! “We can trust God that He will do what He promised.” (Heb 10:23)anniversary-blog-710x270

This photo records the moment we signed official paperwork, after months of wading through the application process. “Obey the head leader of the country and all other leaders over you. This pleases the Lord.” (1 Pet 2:13)Charter day

This is one of our first orphan homes, Home of Comfort, with the original group of young boys. “The little troubles we suffer now for a short time are making us ready for the great things God is going to give us forever.” (2 Cor 4:17)IMG_3260

We’ve been blessed to watch many children grow and mature as they live in loving Christian family homes.

Here are “then and now” images of three boys from another of our very first homes: Home of Blessing.
Joshua, Timothy, and Isaiah have lived in our Faithful Heart homes for over ten years. “The man who is right and good will grow like the palm tree. He will grow like a tall tree in Lebanon.” (Psalm 92:12)3 boys

Please pray that all of our foundation workers and caregivers will remain safe-and-sound in Lord Jesus over the passing of years. “[Lord} Be our strength each day and our salvation in the time of trouble.” (Isaiah 33:2)Training & help

We’ve always been careful to resist the temptation to use our newsletters as a fund-raising tool.
We’ve been faithful to keep the focus on the children, the families, and the ministry activities supported by our many sponsors and prayer-partners. But we often have special financial needs which go beyond our budget.
Therefore, if some of you are curious, you can click on this link to see details of two current needs: Special Needs: Feb 2018
“God is the strength of my heart and all I need forever.” (Psalm 73:26)

Blessings and sincere thanks to you all,

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