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Callahan Corner : August 31, 2014

Hello dear friends,


It’s wet, humid, and rainy these days. We get rain most every day, but it is beautiful between the showers. The rain cleans the air and the blue sky & clouds are glorious, as you see in this shot of our college dorm building.

“The LORD is slow to get angry, but his power is great… He displays his power in the whirlwind and the storm. The billowing clouds are the dust beneath his feet.” Nahum 1:3



Side yard 3This view from atop our new boys dorm construction shows several sections of our rice paddy (with part of the fish pond just visible at the bottom center).



We’ve been forced to start a new batch of rice shoots that we’ll use to replant several areas of the current rice crop that have been destroyed by snails & crabs.

“The righteous person faces many troubles, but the LORD comes to the rescue each time.”  (Psalm 34:19  NLT)

DSCN1060 resize


This paddy is planted with a special new hybrid rice called “rice-berry”…it’s red in color and much more nutritious than white rice.



At lunchtime on a Saturday, the older boys and house fathers enjoy a good lunch, and a short rest, before heading back out into the paddy. Look close and you’ll see rice, grilled chicken, stir-fried vegetables, sausage, and soup on the table…yummy!

“The man who is right with God has all the food he needs…”  (Proverbs 13:25 NLB)

DSCN1075 resize



Now about this photo—I know it has nothing at all  to do with the rice or the weather…but the girls are simply TOO CUTE in their new dresses! Their house mother at Home of Faith bought fabric and sewed the pretty dresses.


Dear friends, over the next several weeks, we must change     the way we send our weekly newsletter.  AOL mail has made security changes that restrict us     when we try to send you our newsletter—it gets flagged & stopped as     “unsolicited spam”.

So, we’ll begin sending our newsletter through a different     route. Our hope and prayer is that, by making this change, we’ll ensure     that all of our friends continue to get our message every week.



Grace and peace to you in Christ,



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